13th Airborne Corps

... "A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops
..... under his command make him.."

................................. ......General Douglas Mac Arthur

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(above insignia)
127th AEB
Shoulder Patch

11th Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

Pvt Elmer E Fryar
Pfc Manuel Perez Jr


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The 127th Airborne Engineer Battalion
Trooper Pictures

PFc Allen Wade Cates

Pfc Allen W Cates
127th AEB
B Company

Pvt Pvt Eugene A DeSimone (Source:B Jeffries)

Pvt Eugene A DeSimone
127th AEB Co B
DOW 12 Dec 1944

Pfc Henry D Thurman (Source:B Jeffries)

Pfc Henry D Thurman
127th AEB
B Company

Pvt Charles S Wylie

Pvt Charles S Wylie
127th AEB Co B
DOW 7 Dec 1944

T/Sgt Laurel Baxter - (Source: David G Baxter)

T/Sgt Laurel Baxter
127th AEB Co C
Demolition/Motor Pool

Pfc Gilbert J Cox - Company C 127 AEB  Alamo Scout

Pfc Gilbert J Cox
127th AEB Co C
Alamo Scout

Pfc George M Davis Jr - Company C 127 AEB

Pfc George M Davis Jr
127th AEB Co C
DOW 7 Dec 1944

Pvt Glenn Glover - Company C 127 AEB Alamo Scout Recon (Source: Danielle)

Pvt Glenn Glover
127th AEB Co C
Alamo Scout

Sgt William J Potoka Sr - Company C 3rd Platoon 127 AEB (Source: William Potoka Jr)

Sgt William J Potoka Sr
127th AEB Co C
3rd Platoon

Pfc George A Richards   - Company C

Pfc George A Richards
127th AEB
C Company

Pfc Houston A Jolley

Pfc Houston A Jolley
127th AEB
HQ Company

Cpl Philip A Carr  (Source: B Jeffries)

Cpl Philip A Carr
127th AEB
Bronze Star Recipient

T/4 John L Petersen

T/4 John L Petersen
127th AEB
Company Unknown

Sgt Arthur L Barrigar  (Source: B Jeffries)

Sgt Arthur L Barrigar
127th AEB
Company Unknown

S/Sgt Charles G Mautner - Silver Star Recipient (Source: B Jeffries)

S/Sgt Charles G Mautner
127th AEB
DOW 7 Feb 1945 (SS)

T/5 Robert C Mayotte  (Source: B Jeffries)

T/5 Robert C Mayotte
127th AEB
KIA 7 Dec 1944

Sgt Lloyd L Peters - Silver Star Recipient  (Source: B Jeffries)

Sgt Lloyd L Peters
127th AEB
DOW 7 Dec 1944 (SS)

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