17th Airborne Division

....."Wars may be fought with weapons,
.......but they are won by men."

........................................... ......General George S. Patton

Units Roll of Honor
    507th PIR
    513th PIR
    193rd GIR
    194th GIR
    139th AEB
    464th PFAB
    466th PFAB
    680th GFAB
    681st GFAB
    411th QM
    155th AAA
    517th Sig Co
    224th Med Co
    HQ Company
    17th CIC
    17th MP Plt
    17th PM Co
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Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) Recipient
Cpl Samuel D Strain

Silver Star Recipients
2/Lt Irving S Brenner
Pfc Clayton C Doane
Pfc Henry F Skiba

17th Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipients

T/Sgt Clinton M Hedrick
S/Sgt Isadore S Jachman
Pvt George J Peters
Pfc Stuart S Stryker
The 155th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion
Roll of Honor

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Bates Willard Pfc USA/PA
Behel Jay H Pvt USA/PA
Black Robert E Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Brenner Irving S 2/Lt Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS MAR
Brown Samuel Hoy 1/Lt Med Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Buchser John S Pvt C Btry Belgium 1/7/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures   USA/PA
Chambers Allen F Pfc Belgium 1/5/45 LUX
Chaplin Emil 1/Lt Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Combs Howard K T/5 medic Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/PA
Costello James W Pvt C Btry Belgium 1/5/45 H-C
Covert Edwin Pvt USA/NY
Damico August G Pfc Germany 3/24/45  DOW MAR
Diciaula Vito D Pvt Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/WI
Doane Clayton C Cpl D Btry Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS USA/KS
Drury Michael A Cpl USA/ND
Dunn Joseph A Pvt USA/OH
Estwick John S 2/Lt Belgium 1/4/45 LUX
Faust Carl M Sgt Germany 3/24/45 USA/OH
Foster Jack J 2/Lt C Btry Belgium 1/6/45  Photo on Trooper Pictures   USA/NC
Friedman Harry H Capt Med Germany 3/24/45   MAR
Golebiewski Henry S Pfc Belgium 1/7/45 H-C
Grogan Earl A Cpl USA/MO
Halamek Robert A T/5 USA/OH
Harman William D Jr 2/Lt USA/VA
Hill Valdon R Pfc USA/MO
Johnson Ivin C Pvt Belgium 1/10/45  DOW LUX
Kane William P 2/Lt D Btry Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  H-C
Kruse La Verne O Pfc USA/IA
Lum Charles O Pvt Belgium 1/9/45 H-C
Lyle Carey E Capt Belgium 1/16/45  DOW LUX
McKinstry Arthur E Cpl USA/IA
Melcher Robert J Pvt USA/PA
Norton Earl H Pvt Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Pehanick Paul Pvt Belgium USA/PA
Pierzchala George S Pvt USA/OH
Podojil James T Pvt Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  LUX
Sandness Ervin A Pfc Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Simmons Lone D Pvt USA/KY
Simpson David O.E. Cpl Belgium 1/5/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  LUX
Skiba Henry F Pfc Belgium 1/8/45  SS LUX
Smart Ozal R Sgt HQ Btry Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Stewart Edward F Cpl Germany 3/28/45 MAR
Strain Samuel D Cpl A Btry Germany 3/24/45  DSC MAR
Swain Phillip O Pvt  DOW USA/NH
Szymanski Felix A Pfc Belgium 1/8/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  H-C
Voorhees Cecil V T/5 Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/PA
Ward William P Capt Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Wojdacz Michael J Pfc Belgium 1/8/45 LUX

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