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325th GIR WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

  Pfc Charles N. DeGlopper

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) Recipient
Col Charles Billingslea
Pfc James L. Geach
Col Harry L. Lewis
1/Lt Joseph F. Myers
Sgt DeWitt S. Terry
Lt Col Terry Sanford
Lt Col John H. Swenson
2/Lt Donald B. Wason

Silver Star Recipients
Pvt Abraham Abril
Pfc James Alexander
Pfc Tony D Augustine
Pfc Carl E Bennett
1/Sgt Clarence Blake
S/Sgt Aubry L Brewer
Pvt Herbert H Brown

The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor A - B

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Ababurko Walter Pvt Co C Holland 10/21/44 DOW USA/NY
Abner Daniel L 1/Sgt Co G Holland 9/28/44 USA/KY
Adair William E Pvt Co G Holland 10/2/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Alessi Mario Pfc Co A Normandy 6/7/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/NY
Alexander James C Jr Pvt Co F Holland 9/27/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW ARD
Altig Orton T Pvt Germany 4/6/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Amaya Cruz Pvt Co C Normandy 6/9/44 USA/TX
Anderson La Vern E Pvt Co F Belgium 12/23/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/NE
Andriano Gene Pfc Co A Normandy 7/5/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS USA/OH
Armstrong Fred W Pfc Co F Belgium 12/23/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  H-C
Arnold John H Pfc Hq 1 Normandy 6/7/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  NOR
Ashenfelter Edgar J Pvt Co G Normandy 6/8/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures MIA/BS NOR WOM
Aspedon Lyman L Sgt Co C Belgium 1/4/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  H-C
Atkins Abraham L S/Sgt Co B Holland 10/2/44 USA/MS
Ausdenmore Richard J Pvt Hq 2 Salerno 9/20/43 S-R
Austin Ernest L Pvt N Africa 6/22/43   Photo on Trooper Pictures KODY USA/NC
Ayarzagoitia Prudencio Jr Pvt Co E Belgium 2/2/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  H-C
Baker Everett N T/4 R/HQ Normandy 6/25/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW USA/IL
Baker Wallace C Pvt Co A Belgium 2/3/45 DOW USA/OH
Ball Kenneth C Pvt Co A Belgium 2/2/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW USA/WV
Ballew Clyde Pvt Co C Holland 10/2/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW USA/SC
Banks Raymond H Pvt Co C Normandy 6/14/44 DOW NOR
Bartels Donald J Pvt Co G Normandy 6/9/44 NOR
Bartusis Ben Sgt Co G Holland 10/1/44 USA/IL
Basta Louis E Pvt Co A Belgium 2/2/45 USA/PA
Beakler Ora S Jr Pfc Hq 1 Normandy 6/14/44 DOW USA/OH
Becerra Salvador G Pfc   Photo on Trooper Pictures DODY USA/MO
Bell Chester R Pvt Holland 10/9/44 USA/OH
Bellanger C J Sr Pvt Belgium 1/30/45 USA/LA
Bender Edward G T/5 Belgium 2/3/45 DOW H-C
Bennett Girvus Pfc Co E Normandy 6/23/44 DOW NOR
Bergman William E Sgt Co B Holland 9/30/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures PH(OLC) MAR
Bestic Joseph Pfc Co B Holland 9/30/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures PH(OLC) MAR
Bettelyoun Aaron G Pfc Co E Holland 10/1/44 USA/SD
Beyer Kenneth S Sgt Co C Belgium 1/5/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures  H-C
Black George K Cpl Co C Holland 10/2/44 BS/MIA CAM WOM
Blank Charles Cpl Co C Normandy 6/9/44 USA/OH
Blankenship Roland H Pvt Co F Normandy 6/10/44 USA/VA
Bloomstein Irving Pvt Co C Belgium 12/25/44 DOW USA/NY
Bobe John E Pfc Belgium 2/2/45 H-C
Bohrer Harley R Cpl Co E Normandy 6/15/44 USA/WV
Bolyea Hubert E Pvt Belgium 1/7/45 USA/MA
Booth Noah W Pvt Hq 2 Salerno 9/20/43 S-R
Boring John Jr Sgt Co C Normandy 6/9/44 USA/WV
Bowers Kenneth A Pfc Co E Normandy 7/3/44 DOW NOR
Boyd William A Pvt Co E Normandy 6/7/44 USA/VA
Brady James B Pvt Co G Holland 10/1/44 USA/MD
Bratcher Charles C Pfc Co F Normandy 6/7/44 USA/NY
Braunschweig Wilmer A Pfc Co F Normandy 6/11/44 USA/WI
Breeden Earl Pvt Co B Holland 10/2/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS/MIA MAR WOM
Brigido Leonard V Pfc Belgium 1/28/45 H-C
Brinkley Joseph Pfc Co B Holland 10/2/44 USA/MO
Brothers Kenneth O Pfc Hq 1 Normandy 6/7/44 USA/NY
Brouillard Norman Pvt Co E Holland 10/15/44 DOW USA/RI
Brown Creed K Pvt Belgium 1/29/45 USA/IL
Brown Harry L Pfc Belgium 2/1/45 DOW USA/MD
Brown Russell Pvt Co G Holland 9/30/44 MAR
Browskey Frank Pvt Italy 10/4/43 DOW/Tunisia USA/WV
Bruno John N Pvt Co E Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Buffington Mearl C Pvt Germany 4/20/45 USA/IN
Buist Gerald R Pvt Co A Holland 10/2/44 USA/MI
Bujoso Alexander Pfc Co B Normandy 6/9/44 USA/IN
Burchfield Donald K Pfc Co A Normandy 6/15/44 BS NOR
Burger Emmett L S/Sgt Co C Normandy 6/9/44 NOR
Burks Virgil L Pvt Co B Holland 10/2/44 MAR
Burns James E Pvt Co C Holland 10/2/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Butts Floyd W S/Sgt Co G Normandy 7/3/44 BS USA/WV
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