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Distinguished Service Cross Recipients
S/Sgt Edward Gulsvick

Silver Star Recipients
Pvt Robert S Carpenter
S/Sgt Algernon L Chivers Jr
Pfc Ernest R Coffelt
Pfc Leo Hetman
Pvt Howard J Jandro

The 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor A - J

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Alexander Clarence Pfc Hq 2 Negros 4/22/45 USA/IL
Alexander Joseph R Pvt Hq 1 Corregidor 2/24/45 DOW
Ande Leroy E Pvt No Africa 11/11/42 NAF
Anderson Donald S Pvt Co F Negros 4/10/45 DOW
Anderson Willie L Pfc RHQ Corregidor 3/4/45 ML
Arnold James A Sgt Co D Corregidor 2/17/45 BS ML
Asay Eugene F Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45
Atz Robert J Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Austin Nathan G Pvt Hq 1 Corregidor 2/21/45 USA/GA
Ayers James T Pfc Noemfoor USA/SC
Balliet Alfred Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/24/45 DOW USA/SD
Baum Robert M Pvt Hq 2 Noemfoor USA/NJ
Baxter Fred A Pfc Co B Mindoro 1/1/45 ML
Beasley Leon O Pfc Co I Corregidor 2/16/45 DOW ML
Beatty David J Pfc Co H Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Bernard S/Sgt Gordonvale 4/12/45
Bierstecker Robert Pfc Co C Corregidor 2/26/45
Billiski Franklin Pfc Hq 3 Corregidor 2/19/45 USA/NY
Birkenkamp Robert I Pvt Co C Negros 5/22/45
Blalock Henry J Pfc Gordonvale 12/23/42 KODY USA/NC
Bloomfield Fred J Sgt Co G Negros 5/23/45 USA/OR
Blum Donald N T/Sgt Co B Mindoro 1/3/45 USA/MO
Bobrow Harold Pfc Hq 2 Negros 4/09/45 USA/CA
Bokenkamp Freeman H Cpl Co D Negros 4/21/45 USA/TX
Bonfield Russell M Pvt New Guinea 9/26/43 HN
Bowersack Lowell L T/Sgt Hq 3 Negros 4/27/45
Boyle John J T/Sgt Co C Corregidor 2/26/45
Bracklein William C Pvt Co D Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Brady William G Pvt Co D Corregidor 2/21/45 ML
Bragg John R Pfc Co G Pt. Moresby 10/19/43 HN
Bright Ralph J Pfc Co F Negros 4/22/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW ML
Brooks Virgil D Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/26/45
Brookins Ira L Pvt No Africa 11/8/42 NAF
Brooks Virgil D Pfc 4/26/45 ML
Brown William Cpl Co A Noemfoor 7/6/44 ML
Brown William A Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/23/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures DOW ML
Brownfield Paul E Cpl Co C Nadzab 9/5/43 USA/OH
Buchanan Herman D Pfc Hq 2 Negros 5/2/45 ML
Buckelin Walter F Pvt Co C Noemfoor 5/7/43
Bunney Raymond Pfc Co B Corregidor 2/26/45 USA/WY
Butch John W Sgt Co E Negros 4/28/45 ML
Calderon Jose L Pfc Co F Negros 5/3/45 ML
Carpenter Robert S Pvt Co G New Guinea 9/15/43 SS ML
Case Maxwell Jr Cpl Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45 DOW ML
Chapman Ray L Pvt Co D Negros 7/14/45 USA/IL
Cirko Peter Sgt Co D Negros 4/21/45 BS ML
Clum Paul S Pvt Co C Negros 5/11/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/CA
Coder Bert J Cpl Co G Nadzab 9/6/43 ML
Coffee John T Pvt Co G Noemfoor 7/12/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/TX
Combes Kenneth Cpl Co D Corregidor 2/24/45 USA/MT
Costanzo Maurice V T/4 Med Corregidor 2/26/45 DOW USA/OH
Corso Geno A Pfc Co B Negros 4/27/45 DOW USA/MI
Coughlin John R Pvt Co A Negros 4/29/45 PH (OLC) ML
Craig James Pvt Hq 1 Corregidor 2/23/45 USA/IN
Crawford Stanley C Pfc Co I Corregidor 2/27/45 USA/IA
Crawford William R Jr Pfc Hq 3 Negros 4/26/45 DOW
Cucciarre John C Pfc Hq 3 Negros 4/17/45
Currie John N Jr Pvt Co G Negros 4/25/45 ML
Currier Paul J T/Sgt Co G Negros 5/22/45
Dahill Fred E Pvt Co E Negros 5/27/45 DOW ML
Danan Vincent V S/Sgt Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Daubard James D Pvt RHQ Corregidor 2/16/45
DeLane Thomas T Pfc Co D Corregidor 2/17/45
DeLia Robert S Pvt Co B Panama 4/1/42 (501st)
De Lucia Anthony P Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/24/45 ML
Denham Joseph E Pfc Co H Noemfoor 8/12/44 ML
Dews Richard W Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Dibble Ace H Pfc Co F Negros 4/28/45 ML
Diew Lloyd E Pvt Hq 3 Negros 5/23/45
Difilipo Rocco Pvt Svc Co Corregidor 2/19/45
Dillion Chester D Pfc Co B Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Dodson William E Pfc Co B Negros 4/28/45
Douglas Cecil Pvt Co G Corregidor 2/24/45
Douglas Charles S Pfc Co E Negros 5/4/45 ML
Drew Clyde A Pvt Co D Negros 4/22/45
Driscoll Daniel W T/4 Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45
Driscoll William E Sgt Co B Noemfoor DOW
Dugan Frank M Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/27/45 ML
Dundas Ronald E Pvt Co A Noemfoor 8/5/44 ML
Dunn Robert L Pfc Hq 2 Corregidor 2/18/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures
Dykes William A Pvt Hq 1 Negros 5/2/45
Early Walter S Pfc Hq 1 Noemfoor 7/6/44 DOW
Easley Gleen Pfc Co I Corregidor 2/19/45
Edwards William L Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/27/45 DOW
Elliott George E Pfc Co G Negros %/24/45
Erickson Raymond H Pfc Co I Negros 4/17/45
Eubanks Ray E Sgt Co D Noemfoor 7/23/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures (MOH*)
Evers Richard F Jr Pfc Hq 1 Corregidor 2/23/45
Ferguson Preston Pfc Co B Mindoro 1/3/45
Ferrel Stephen D Pfc Co I Corregidor 2/17/45 DOW
Ferrell Trenton T Pfc Co I Negros 4/11/45
Finke Floyd E Sgt Co G Negros 4/9/45
Finkle Neal G Pvt Negros 4/17/45 ML
Finsterwald Fred Pvt Co E Noemfoor 7/23/44
Floyd Vincent S/Sgt Co H Corregidor 2/17/45
Foley Joseph T/5 Co D Corregidor 2/19/45
Falinazzo Frank F Pfc Medic Corregidor 2/26/45 DOW
Foreman Cyril C Sgt Co B Mindoro 3/4/45 USA/LA
Forte Ben J T/Sgt Co F Negros 4/22/45
Fox Charles L Jr Pfc Co C Corregidor 2/22/45
Freeman George I S/Sgt Co C Noemfoor
French G L S/Sgt Co C Corregidor 2/20/45 ML
Gaston Elmer O Pvt Hq 3 Negros 4/27/45
Geyer Robert G Pfc Noemfoor 8/12/44 ML
Given Charles W Cpl Co B Noemfoor DOW
Glass Raymond O S/Sgt Hq 3 Negros 4/17/45 DOW ML
Golie Edward A Pfc Co B Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Golonka Walter J T/5 Co D Corregidor 2/21/45 DOW ML
Gomoll Kenneth H Pvt Co I Negros 4/8/45 ML
Green Lawrence N Pfc Co C Corregidor 2/26/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures ML
Greene Robert I T/4 8/30/45 ML
Griffin Edward G Jr Pvt Hq 2 Negros 4/23/45 DOW ML
Grondorf George W Pvt Co A Negros 4/28/45
Guidice Richard Pfc Hq 2 Corregidor 2/18/45
Gulsvick Edward S/Sgt Co E Corregidor 2/16/45 DSC ML
Gunderman Franklin W Pvt Co G Noemfoor 7/11/44 MIA/BS ML WOM
Guthrie John M S/Sgt Co G Negros 5/22/45 ML
Haas Clyde A Pfc Co E Negros 4/25/45 USA/OK
Hall Karsten L Pfc Co G Negros 6/4/45 ML
Hall Roy S Pvt Co G Negros 4/21/45 DOW ML
Halloran James D Pfc Co B Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Hamilton Harry K Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/25/45 USA/OH
Hamilton William Cpl Co C Noemfoor 7/13/44 ML
Handlon Glenn E Pfc Co F Corregidor 2/16/45 ML
Hariu Arthur L Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/19/45 ML
Harley John P T/4 Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45
Harley Richard H Sgt RHQ Corregidor 2/24/45 DOW ML
Hays Chester R Pvt Co G Negros 4/21/45
Head Frank E Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/21/45 ML
Heapy Vincent J Pvt Hq 1 Negros 5/23/45
Hearne Elwood H Pfc Co D Negros 4/28/45
Hefner William C Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45
Hernandez Mike Pvt Co B Corregidor 2/26/45
Herndon Loren J Pfc Co D Noemfoor
Hetman Leo Pfc Co G New Guinea 9/15/43 SS ML
Heyer Robert W T/Sgt Co B Corregidor 2/24/45 DOW
Hicks Harvey D Sgt Co A Corregidor 2/25/45
High Emery M Pfc Co E Corregidor 2/21/45 MIA/BS ML WOM
Holder Kenneth M S/Sgt Co E Negros 4/29/45 ML
Holmes John A Sgt Co G Corregidor 2/26/45 ML
Holt Avener W Pvt Co I Negros 4/17/45 USA/GA
Holt Robert V Jr S/Sgt Co D Corregidor 2/24/45 USA/GA
Hoyt Charles H S/Sgt Co F Corregidor 2/17/45 ML
Hunter Ralph H Pfc Co C Noemfoor 7/44
Infanger Gerard J Sgt Co B Noemfoor 7/16/44 USA/NY
Iverson Ralph L Pfc Co F Negros 4/29/45 USA/ID
Jackson Eugene R Pfc Co D Negros 4/28/45 USA/IA
Jackson James A S/Sgt Co F Negros 4/9/45 DOW USA/PA
Jandro Howard J Pvt Co E Corregidor 2/23/45 MIA/BS SS ML WOM
Jennings Charles A Pfc Co A Negros 6/4/45 USA/IN
Johnson Howard E Pvt Hq 2 Negros 4/22/45 ML
Jokela Stanley Pvt Co A Corregidor 2/26/45 USA/MI
Jones Robert W Pvt Hq 1 Corregidor 2/26/45
Jordan James W Pfc Co A Corregidor 2/25/45 DOW ML
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