....... "The soldier is the army."

................................. ......General George S. Patton

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504th PIR Pocket Patch

The Battle of the Bridges - 504th PIR
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Battle of the Bridges

The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roster  Company - C (Partial) - 1st Battalion

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank ASN No. Pltn Status Medals Comment

Adkins Watson C
Alvarado Domingo
Asbury Don P
Pvt 37489468 KIA PH
Bean Dale E Pvt 39342022 KIA PH
Beaton Edward J Pvt 12059177 KIA SS PH Germany
Branca John G Jr 2/Lt WIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Brooks Stanley N Pvt 17050154 DOW PH Anzio
Brownell Robert Pfc
Brumback Andrew E Cpl 39177166 BS  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Buchikos Christ J T/4 31256439 KIA PH (OLC)  Photo on Trooper Pictures Germany
Butler Charles L Pvt  Photo on Trooper Pictures Kid
Carlock Horace A 1/Lt 0-395543 BS(OLC) 
Carter Ross S S/Sgt SS PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Colligan Charles D Sgt CIB  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Collins Patrick C 1/lt 01284475 KIA PH (OLC) Ardennes
Crusie Richard S Pvt 35631464 DOW PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Anzio
Daugherty Stanley A Pvt 32749698 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Anzio
Davis Robert H
Pvt 35922368 KIA PH Arlington
DeDoncker Robert H Pvt 36964850 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Cheneux
Dietrich Frank L S/Sgt 36525582 SS BS
Duquette Leon Sgt 6138562 DOW PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Duquense
Faile Voyd L Sgt 20406482 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Cheneux
Farrell Arthur H Pvt 12058641 KIA PH(OLC)  Photo on Trooper Pictures Cheneux
Feroni Al Pfc  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Fetters Wayne M 2/Lt 36215920 SS  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Fox Edward E Sgt 13053836 DOW SS PH Cheneux
Gardner Joseph M
Gastorek Walter W
Gerard Gus 1/Lt 0-431664 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Anzio
Gillespie Reed B 39827807
Gillman Donald F
Gilman Harold F
Gilson Frank W 1/Lt O1284321 KIA PH Venafro, Italy
Gonzales Fred E S/Sgt 7012076 BS
Gowan Reginald J M/Sgt 14062459  
Greer James M  
Groffen Wesley Pvt 36419983 DOW PH(OLC) Cheneux
Groover Edgar S 13085999  
Gruneberg Fred R Cpl 33231453 DOW PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Gruening
Guidry Orvin J  
Gutierrez Frank R  
Guttry Carlos B Jr Cpl 18109151 PF
Hays John L Pvt 35138423 KIA PH Cheneux
Henry Albert Jr 1/Sgt 11063238 KIA PH Italy
Huber Philip J Pfc 13106474 KIA PH
Ianacone Albert S Pfc 32894351 SS PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Jajowka Frank A Pvt 36662536 KIA PH Cheneux
Kephart Meredith C Pvt 37561414 2nd  Photo on Trooper Pictures Pierson
Kong Ernest K Pfc  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Leonard Donald L Pvt 35272204 KIA PH Cheneux
Levy Raymond D Pfc 11081194 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper PicturesCheneux
Lewis Ira O
Lowery Robert W T/4 PF
Madruga Robert 2/lt 0-1703071 BS
Malone Raleigh E
McAllister George W
Milloy Albert E Capt 18005495 SS BS
Morphy Michael PH
Murphy Michael
Murray Martin L Pvt 19080184 BS
Murray William A Pfc BS PH
Nadeau Lionel L
Nelson Paul F Pvt 39843348 KIA PH Cheneux
Nereim Orlan J PH
Nigh Harold R
Nightingale Lyle 2/Lt 01310625 KIA PH Italy
Nix Bethel D
Nix William D Pfc AT Gunner
Noel Rex
Noel Woodrow W
Ogonowski Michael J Cpl 32240505 KIA PH Italy
Ominski Ted H
Ornstedt Charles P
Ownsby Arlie J
Parsons John J Pvt 39010616 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Master Termite
Partyka Edward L
Patrick Lyle B
Payne Linwood R
Pederson Elmer
Peers Charles L
Pelletier Rene R Pfc 31084963 KIA PH(3OLC)
Perrine Lee A
Peterson Arden L
Peterson Elmer S
Piccareta Frank B
Pippin Ross BS
Plaisted Norman H WIA PH
Pompey Andrew A S/Sgt 13056085 DOW PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Puckett Billy J Pvt 19079579 SS  Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Puhalla Frank A Pvt 13056153 KIA PH Salerno
Pyper Donald G
Quinn Floyd V Pvt 34397039 KODY No Africa
Ratliffe Golden
Reed William L S/Sgt 6883872 WIA SS BS PH(OLC)
Revard Donald E
Rini Vito W
Rodgers Harold D Sgt 19079691 KIA PH Anzio
Rodgers Thomas L Pfc 20421704 BS
Rojack Edmund J
Rolak Bruno J 1/Lt 0-1292763 BS PF
Rowan Albert J
Rowe William N
Sarver William H
Satterfield William M Pfc BS  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Saulter Marvin G
Sciaz Remo
Segelstrom Emil J
Sellner George A Pfc BS
Serilla William D Sgt BS  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Sewitsky Thomas F
Shipp Charles L
Shipp Loyd
Smith Clarence V
Smith Forrest L Sgt 36454676 BS
Smith Garland C
Smith Jesse G R
Sneed Woodrow
Stamey Aubrey
Stellard Peter C PH
Stevenson Harold D Cpl 36448575 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Cheneux
Stosak Samuel
Styger John Pvt 36408313 KIA PH Anzio
Sumner Otto D
Swartz Elmer W Sgt
Taylor Joseph A Pvt 33142998 KIA PH Italy
Thomas Daniel E
Thomas Joseph C
Towle John R Pvt 35053178 KIA MOH,PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures
Wages Robert
Walsh William J S/Sgt  Photo on Trooper Pictures Knobby
Walsh William P S/Sgt DSC Cheneux
Whalen John E Pfc 42020512 KIA PH
Woodland Bernard T Cpl 33207878 DOW PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Holland
Zumwalt Warren W Pvt 19086687 KIA PH Italy

BS   -  Bronze Star KODY - Killed on Duty PLTN - Platoon
CAPT - Captain LT COL -  Lieutenant Colonel POW  -  Prisoner of War
COL - Colonel 1/LT - First Lieutenant SGT - Sergeant
DODY - Died on Duty 2/LT- Second Lieutenant S/SGT - Staff Sergeant
DOI - Died of Injuries MAJ -  Major 1/SGT - First Sergeant
DOW - Died of Wounds MIA - Missing in Action SS - Silver Star
DSC - Distinguished Service Cross MOH - Medal of Honor T/SGT - Technician Sergeant
JWO - Junior Warrant Officer PFC -  Private First Class T/4 - Technician 4th Class
KIA - Killed in Action PH - Purple Heart T/5 - Technician 5th Class

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