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17th Airborne Division Patch

(above insignia)
17th Airborne Division
After D-Day the 507th PIR was permanently assigned as a unit of this Division.

507th PIR WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

Pvt Joe Gandara
Pvt George J Peters

Silver Star Recipient
Sgt James D House

The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor H - J

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Hager Richard A Pvt Co E Normandy 6/15/44 USA/OK
Hale George W Pvt Hq 1 Normandy 6/17/44 NOR
Hall Louis C Jr S/Sgt Co B* Belgium 1/19/45 USA/LA
Hall William E Pfc Co G* Germany 3/24/45 USA/KY
Hamilton Claude F Sgt Co F* Germany 3/24/45 DOW USA/WA
Hamilton Ebbie R Pvt Co I* Germany 3/24/45 USA/MS
Hansen Henry M Cpl Co C Normandy 6/6/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS NOR
Harvey Volney A Jr S/Sgt Hq 3* Belgium USA/IA
Hassell Herbert D J Pvt Co E Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Hebbe Frederick J Sgt Co H Normandy 6/30/44 DOW NOR
Heck Elsworth M Pfc Hq 1 Normandy 6/6/44 USA/WV
Hein Wilbur W Pvt Co C Normandy 6/15/44 Arlington
Helfgott Fred A Pvt Hq 2 Normandy 6/11/44 NOR
Henle Harvey H Cpl Co I Normandy 6/7/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/SD
Hernandez Donato G Pvt * Belgium 1/8/45 BS H-C
Herron Lynn A T/4 Hq 1 Normandy 6/24/44 USA/MT
Hewitt George E Pfc Co G Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Hilghman Morris H Jr Pvt Co H Normandy 6/9/44 NOR
Hitztaler Anthony J Pvt Hq 1 Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Hoeflaak Lambert Pvt Co B Normandy 7/17/44 NOR
Holcombe Roger F Pvt Co I Normandy 7/5/44 DOW NOR
Honerlaw Edward P Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 USA/OH
Hopkins James P Pfc Co G Normandy 6/12/44 USA/NY
Hornbaker Nelson F Jr S/Sgt Med Normandy 6/11/44 BS/MIA NOR WOM
Howell Andrew L Pfc Co D* Germany 3/25/45 USA/VA
Huard John J Pvt Co F Normandy 6/13/44 NOR
Hubbard Donald C Pfc Co D Normandy 6/24/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/WA
Hudson Arlan A Pvt Hq 2* Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/GA
Humphries Shuford N Pfc Hq 3 Normandy 6/11/44 BS NOR
Humphrey Charles W Jr Pfc Co A* Germany 3/27/45 USA/OK
Hurthle Preston C Cpl Co D Normandy 6/15/44 DOW NOR
Isaacs Jesse D Pfc Co I* Germany 3/24/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures MAR
James ^ Roy W Pfc Co B* Germany 3/24/45 USA/SC
Janik ^ Stanislaw M Pfc Co F* Belgium 2/7/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/MA
Jefferson ^ John M Pvt Co B Normandy 6/7/44 USA/NY
Jenkins George E Pfc Hq 1 Normandy 6/16/44 DOW USA/IA
Johan Walter R T/5 Co D* Germany 3/29/45 PH (OLC) MAR
Johnson George D Pfc Co D Normandy 6/7/44 NOR
Johnston Jack L Pfc Co C* Germany 3/29/45 DOW USA/TX
Johnston Kenneth Pvt Hq 2 Normandy 7/5/44 NOR
Jones Albert H Pvt Co I* Germany 3/24/45 USA/WV
Jones Oland Pfc Co E Normandy 6/6/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/AL
Jones ^ Wilber R Cpl Co F Normandy 6/7/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/NC
Joynes Walter E Pfc * Germany 4/24/45 KODY EP
! NOTE: ( ^ ) indicates biography available by CLICKING on last name.
             ( * ) denotes member of the 17th Airborne Division. (See Unit History)
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