The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Company F

Pvt Houston H Long
Service # 23259883
Pvt Long was born in 1921 in Delaware and died on June 22, 1943 during the Airborne invasion of Normandy.

No family information could be found on Houston.

Pvt Long enlisted in the Army on Aug 20, 1942 at Camden, NJ. His Enlistment record states the Houston had completed grammar school and was employed as an automobile serviceman.

Pvt Long is mentioned in the book "In their Own Words" by Walter Chris Heisler on pages 128 and 129. Paratrooper training is one of the most strenuous programs in the US Army--a lot of men that applied were found physically unable to make it with exception of one. I’ll tell you the story of Huey Long.

Huey belonged to F Company, 2nd platoon--Huey was 5ft2 and 120 lbs. His mental ability was that of about a 13 yr old. He shouldn’t have been in the paratroops let alone the army. He cried when he was harassed and always came to me for protection. I think Huey was in because the instructors kind of thought he was a big joke and he would wash out. He wasn’t physically able to compete as a paratrooper. For the most part he didn’t shape up. The instructors screwed around with him and pushed him through. I guess they figured if he was games enough to jump, they would qualify him…..a few days before the invasion, I went to Capt Smith and asked him if he was planning on taking Huey Long on the jump. He informed me that he had no intention of doing that and he would leave him behind. The next time I saw Huey was on about the 10th of June, he was standing in a field with battalion cooks--all of them completely confused on where they were and what they were supposed to be doing. They didn’t know what direction they were headed or where they should go. I saw Huey running across the field. He grabbed hold of me and told me he had come over on the boat with the cooks. Smith had sent him to Headquarters Company. I remember his next remark to me, ’You know, Sergeant, I am going to die.” I told him to hold on to my jump jacket because I wasn’t going to die. If I wasn’t going to die then he wasn’t going to die. I told the cooks that we were going to stay in the same position until the following day because I was pretty sure of where the second battalion was. I told them that since we were going to stay in the area for the night, we should post outlooks although I didn’t think there were any Germans around. I told Huey to dig a foxhole for both of us. I posted guards around the fields. I no sooner was on the far end of the area when a German plane flew over the field and dropped a bomb. The bomb exploded right were Huey was digging in. That was the end of Huey. To this day, I don‘t know why the hell they dropped the bomb there. Huey‘s premonition of death turned out to be true.

Pvt Long was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and the Bronze Star and the Croix de Guerre Unit Citation [French].

Pvt Long is interred at the American Cemetery at Cambridge, England.

{Note: The above information was provided by Sandra S Smith.}