The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Company F

Sergeant Oval Gray Amyx
Service # 6588810
Sgt Amyx was born approx 1915 in Kentucky and was killed in action on July 2, 1944 during the Airborne invasion of Normandy.

Sgt Amyx is the son of James ‘Tony’ Amyx [born Jan 20, 1891 in Ky and died May 1970 in Ky] a farmer and Edna Amyx [born Dec 23, 1895 and died Nov, 1982 in Shiloh, Richland Co, Ohio.

The 1930 US Census for Magoffin County, Kentucky shows Sgt Amyx resisding with his parents and sister Tressie Amyx [born approx 1921 in Ky died unknown] and grandfather Senna Amyx [born 1862 in Ky and died Dec 30, 1937 in Ky]. Oval also had a sister named Ruby G Amyx Guthrie.

Sgt Amyx enlisted in the Army on Jan 30, 1940 in Kentucky into the Signal Corps.

Sgt Amyx is mentioned in the 507 Boots & Wings newspaper issue of Aug 30, 1943 on page 11...’Seen running hell-bent-for-election this morning was Sgt Oval[sec] Amyx. He just cant afford to miss that bus again.’…and in the June 19, 1943 issue…Sgt Amyx is looking younger everyday.

Sgt Amyx is interred in the Magoffin County, Ky area.

Sgt Amyx was awarded the Purple Heart Medal and the Croix de Guerre Unit Citation [French].

{Note: The above information was provided by Sandra S Smith.}