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"This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with
.................... ......Franklin Delano Roosevelt - June 27,1936
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The Purple Heart
The Purple Heart    

82nd Airborne WW II Wall of the Missing

S/Sgt Leon E Baldwin
Major William R Carpenter
Sgt Robert G Dew
Pvt Richard H Gentzel
Pfc Thurman C Hamilton
Pfc Gerald W Kight
Pvt Baptist J Massar
S/Sgt David Rosenkrantz
Pvt William L Sandoval
Cpl David S Stanford

War Memorials
Netherlands Cemetery

Besides assisting those seeking information on any individual interred or memorialized at one of the many sites around the world the American Battle Monument Commission also provides a searchable database for American Armed Services Personnel that are interred or memorialized at one of these sites.

(Picture: right)  On the one year anniversary of the liberation of Nijmegeen, an 82nd Airborne Honor Guard salutes the troopers left behind at Molenhoeck Cemetery.

(Source: "Saga of the All-Americans")

  The NETHERLANDS CEMETERY is the only American military cemetery in the Netherlands and resides in the village of Margraten, 6 miles east of Maastricht. The tall memorial tower can be seen before  reaching the site which covers 65 1/2 acres. From the cemetery entrance the visitor is led to the  Court of Honor with its pool reflecting the tower. To the right and left, respectively, are the visitors' building and the museum containing three large engraved maps with texts depiciting the military operations of the American Armed Forces.

Stretching along the side of the Court are the two Walls of the Missing on which are recorded the names  of 1,722 who gave their lives in the service of their Country but who rest in unknown graves. Beyond the tower containing the chapel is the burial area, divided into 16 plots, where rest 8,301 of our military Dead, their headstones set in long curves. A wide tree-lined mall leads to the flagstaff which crowns the crest.

The light fixture in the chapel, and the altar candelabra and flowerbowl were presented by the Government of the Netherlands and by the local Provincial administration.

(Source: American Battle Monuments Commission)

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