13th Airborne Corps

... "A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops
..... under his command make him.."

................................. ......General Douglas Mac Arthur

Units Roll of Honor
    511th PIR
    187th GIR
    188th GIR
    127th AEB
    457th PFAB
    472nd GFAB
    674th PFAB
    675th GFAB
    152nd AAA
    221st Med Co
    HQ Co
  Division History
    1st ABTF
    11th Abn Div
    13th Abn Div
    17th Abn Div
    82nd Abn Div
    101st Abn Div
    Combat Jumps
    G-511th Airborne
  11th Airborne Assoc
  82nd Airborne Assoc
  325th GIR Assoc
  504th PIR Assoc
  508th PIR Assoc
  Other Airborne Assoc
  Other Resources
  Airborne and Special Operations Museum
  WW II Historical Re- enactment Society

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Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) Recipients
1/Lt Henry G Hynds
Major Charles P Loeper
Colonel Robert H Soule

Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Leland M Adams
Maj Robert M Alexander
S/Sgt Ralph Amira
Capt Fred J Ansfield
Sgt J W Ash
Pfc Lloyd S Bartlett
Cpl Robert Beattie
T/Sgt Edmond T Birdsell
Cpl Henry Bock Jr
1/Lt Solomon Busch
Pfc George A Carle
Pfc Donald T Charlton
Pfc Ralph Clark
S/Sgt Vernon F Clark(OLC)
Pfc Granville Cooper
Capt John J Costello
Maj Patrick W Cotter
Capt Kenneth A Dawson
S/Sgt Alfred DeSimone
1/Lt Robert L Dickson
1/Lt Orville Erickson
1/Lt James T Farrington
1/Lt James K Felty
1/Lt James G Frazen
S/Sgt Oscar W Green
Pfc William M Green
Pfc James Guy
Maj Winston C Hainsworth
S/Sgt George H Hamill
Pfc Walter W Hardee
Pfc Frank E Heath
Sgt Joseph C Hooper
Pfc Basil E Hosier
S/Sgt Gilbert L Hunt
Sgt Harry Jones Jr
T/Sgt Roscoe Kelly
Pfc Howard D Kidd
2/Lt Leslie F Kornowske
Lt Col Ernest LaFlamme
T/5 Forest C Lawson
1/Sgt Arthur Levesque
S/Sgt Frank J Lia
1/Sgt William E Lighty
2/Lt Eulas V Lindsey (OLC)
Maj James D Loewus
1/Lt Maurice W Lundeluis
Lt Col Thomas L Mann
Pvt Robert J McCauley
1/Lt Vincent J Mc Donald
S/Sgt Thomas E McLellan
Capt Frank C Morgan
Pfc Julius C Mohr
Capt William J Mullaney
Pfc Emil J Naccarato
Cpl Ralph E Nebel
T/Sgt Steward Neill
Pfc William W O'Brien
Lt Col Mortimer J O'Kane
S/Sgt Oather K Priddy
Pfc William P Roberts
Capt Richard E Robinson
Pfc Edward T Rudd
1/Lt Daniel J Scelsi
Pfc Paul Schatz
1/Lt Alan F Seigle
Pvt Harry Sitterley Jr
1/Lt George E Skau
Col Robert H Soule
Pfc Donald R Speacht
Cpl Vernon L Spear
S/Sgt William T Sprole
Sgt Marshall T Stepp
T/5 Melvin E Strecher
2/Lt Gerard Thoennes
S/Sgt James G Townsend
T/5 Salvatore Tummiaia
Capt Homer D Wallace
188th Glider Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Aldrich Tench B Pfc Luzon 2/10/45 ML
Amira Ralph S/Sgt Co B SS USA/NY
Barfield Forrest T Capt Leyte 12/26/44 ML
Bartlett Lloyd S Pfc SS USA/PA
Bingham Earl V Sgt Luzon 1/31/45 ML
Black Jaril G Pfc Luzon 7/12/45 ML
Brown Robert B Pfc Luzon 10/28/45 ML
Busch Solomon A 1/Lt Luzon 4/12/45 SS ML
Capps Raymond Pfc Co E Luzon 1/31/45 USA/TX
Carlton David Pfc Co E Luzon 1/31/45 USA/OR
Carroll John D Pfc Luzon 2/12/45 BS ML
Cartisano Jack S Pfc Luzon 2/1/45 ML
Charlton Donald T Pfc Leyte 12/25/44 SS USA/NY
Clark Vernon F S/Sgt Nasugbu 1/31/45 SS (OLC) USA/AZ
Davids Harry J Pfc Luzon 2/6/45 ML
DeSimone Alfred S/Sgt Co A   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS USA/NY
Doiron John T Pfc Co B Batangui   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/LA
Dow Guy L 2/Lt Co E Luzon 8/19/45 USA/TX
Dreischalick Edward J Pfc Luzon 3/7/45 ML
Estler Frederick B Jr Pfc Luzon 2/1/45 ML
Garcia Rueal Pvt Co E
Green Oscar W S/Sgt Luzon 2/1/45 SS ML
Harrelson Sam Co B
Hendricks Elmer E Pfc Luzon 3/12/45 ML
Herman Martin Jacob Pfc Luzon 2/15/45 ML
Hetherington Robert J Sgt Luzon 5/2/45 ML
Hooper Joseph C Sgt SS USA/KY
Hosier Basil E Pfc Luzon 5/1/45 SS/PH(OLC) ML
Kelly Roscoe T/Sgt Co E Leyte 12/26/44 SS ML
Kennel Claude M Pfc Luzon 2/14/45 USA/IN
Kidd Howard D Pfc Luzon 3/9/45 SS ML
Kirby Emmett L Pfc Luzon 2/15/45 BS ML
Kornowske Leslie F 2/Lt Co C Nichols Fld 2/7/45 SS USA/WI
Lee Raymond E Capt Co A Luzon 3/19/45 SM ML
Lewis Edmund H Pfc Luzon 1/15/45 ML
Lewoc Paul S Pfc Luzon 2/3/45 ML
Lia Frank J S/Sgt SS/DOW USA/NY
Liber Willard S Pfc Luzon 2/2/45 MIA/BS ML WOM
Lighty William E 1/Sgt Luzon 2/1/45 SS ML
Loeper Charles P Maj Luzon 2/8/45 DSC/BS ML
Lord Levern E Pfc   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/CA
Lowe Keith R Pfc 8/19/44 ML
Mack Michael J T/5 Luzon 6/29/45 ML
MacMurtry Virgil Pfc Co B
Maneri Anthony J Pfc Luzon 2/10/45 ML
Marino Paul Pfc Co B
Massey William HQS
Mc Cauley Robert J Pvt Luzon 2/3/45 SS USA/IL
Mc Donald Vincent J 1/Lt Co G Leyte 12/22/44 SS ML
Mc Kinney Melvin E Sgt Luzon 8/13/45 ML
Mc Minn Paul H Pfc Luzon 2/8/45 MIA/BS ML WOM
Mills George T Pvt Luzon 8/13/45 ML
Nicholas Michael G Pfc Co G Luzon 2/1/45 ML
Nixon Erland A Pfc Leyte 11/22/44 ML
O`Brien William Med Luzon 4/45
Paczkowski Stanley Pvt Luzon 4/28/45 ML
Patton Pat Co E
Patz Richard F 1/Lt Luzon 1/8/45 ML
Peters Edmund J Jr T/4 RHQ Luzon 2/17/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS ML
Pridmore Bryan E Pfc Luzon 2/7/45 ML
Seigle Alan F 1/Lt Co A Manila 2/12/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS ML
Sitterley Harry Jr Pvt SS USA/NY
Skau George E 1/Lt Recon Luzon 8/13/45 SS (OLC) HN
Sox Carleton E Pfc Co E Luzon 5/1/45 ML
Stearn Lester Pvt Manila 2/6/45 ML
Thoennes Gerard E 2/Lt Co A   Photo on Trooper Pictures SS USA/IL
Townsend James G S/Sgt Manila 2/14/45 SS ML
Tscinkel Edward C Pfc Co E Luzon 4/45 USA/NY
Utz Daniel Pvt Luzon 2/1/45 ML
Vos Francis J Pfc Manila 2/7/45 ML
Waterbury John W Jr Capt Luzon 2/11/45 DOW ML
Weeks Caleb C Capt Luzon 2/1/45 ML
Whitney Paul J Pfc Luzon 8/13/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/CA
Williams David D T/5 Luzon 8/19/45 ML
Wisrock Fred O S/Sgt Co E 6/4/45 ML
Zabala Dolores M Pfc Co E Manila 2/4/45 ML

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