The 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion
Burbage, England

Burbage England - 307th AEB - B Company First Platoon

This photo is of 307th AEB, B Co. First Platoon in Burbage, England in May 1944 on parade. The man on the far right is Captain Johnson & the Behind him is Lt. Connally. Lt.Cappa is also visible over Lt. Connally's shoulder.

Burbage England - B Company First Platoon (Different Angle)

This photo is from the same parade as above but from different angle. The man on the far right is Lt. Cappa, the man directly behind Cappa is Cpl. Paul Smith, then Pvt. Carroll Rumbaugh. The row directly behind Lt. Cappa is the 1st Squad. The middle row is the 2nd squad, first trooper unknown, 2nd man is Pvt. Fred Durban. Third row has T-5 Sterling Thomas in Front (1st Squad), even with Lt. Cappa. The men behind him are from the third squad Pvt. Max Shirey, Pvt. George Hinman then Pvt. Arlie “Pops” Kohlstedt. This is the 3rd Squad.

Burbage England - West Street

This photo is from the same parade as above except that this is the 2nd platoon. Men unknown.

{Note: The above pictures were provided by Brian Siddall.}