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325th GIR WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

  Pfc Charles N. DeGlopper

Silver Star Recipients
S/Sgt Bierton L Harris
T/Sgt Dale W Hartsel
Pfc Henry L Henderson
Pvt John G Hoffman
Cpl Harry F Holloway
Sgt Otis W Horton
Pfc Austin S Humbrock
S/Sgt Harry F Jablonski
S/Sgt Paul H Johnson
Pvt Ora Johnson
T/Sgt Glenn Jonas

The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor H - J

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Halstead James Cpl Med Normandy 6/15/44 DOW USA/WV
Hammond Douglas O Pfc Hq Normandy 6/7/44 USA/IN
Handley James Pvt Holland 10/2/44 USA/AL
Hankins Donald W Pfc Co F Belgium 12/23/44 PH (OLC) H-C
Hansen Niels A Pfc Co B Holland 10/2/44 PH (OLC) MAR
Harmon Donald T T/Sgt Co E Holland 10/3/44 MIA/BS (OLC) MAR WOM
Harmon Frank R Pfc Co I Belgium 12/24/44 H-C
Harris Harvey G Pfc Co B Normandy 6/7/44 USA/TN
Harris Hilton T Pvt Co F Holland 9/27/44 USA/GA
Harrison Orville V Jr Pvt Belgium 1/3/45 USA/IL
Havran George Pfc Co E Holland 9/25/44 MAR
Hawkins John E Pfc Co E Normandy 6/9/44 USA/AL
Hazlett Robert W Pvt Co B Normandy 6/15/44 DOW NOR
Helms Gerald R S/Sgt Co E Holland 10/3/44 BS/PH (OLC) MAR WOM
Helms Joseph B Pvt Co G Normandy 6/7/44 DOI USA/GA
Higdon Francis J Pfc Co G Normandy 6/7/44 USA/IN
Hoffman Harry E Sgt Co A Belgium 2/2/45 BS H-C
Hoke Virgil L Pfc Hq 2 Normandy 6/9/44 Arlington
Holesapple William R Pfc Co C Belgium 12/26/44 USA/WV
Hoskins Adrian B Pvt Co G Holland 9/30/44 MAR
Hunt Paul A Pvt Co E Normandy 6/18/44 DOW/England CAM
Ingle Howard E Pfc Hq 2 Normandy 6/19/44 NOR
Ivan Louie T/5 Med Normandy 7/3/44 USA/WV
Jensen Elmer S Pfc Co B Holland 10/3/44 USA/MN
Jensen Stephen L S/Sgt Belgium 12/24/44 USA/CA
Johnson Edgar B Pvt Belgium 2/2/45 DOW H-C
Johnson John P Pvt Co G Holland 9/30/44 USA/SC
Johnson Raymond Pfc Co F Holland 10/3/44 USA/IL
Jones Fred Pvt Hq 2 England 9/10/44 KODY CAM
Jones Robert C Sgt Co C Belgium 12/26/44 USA/OR
Jordan Alonzo E Pvt Belgium 2/2/45 DOW USA/WI
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