The 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
Report (After Action Report)

After Action Report for 5 October 1944

Company "B" - In early morning the Germans made a big drive from the west and were pushing on a line from the westerly direction in the vicinity of the town of Opheusden. By order of the Regimental Commander, of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, and with permission from Division, the Company was converted to infantrymen, due to the shortage of men at time of the drive.

The mission of the company was carried out, the mission being that the first platoon move on a line on the north side of the railroad track facing the west toward Opheusden. The third platoon to move on a line on the south side of the railroad track. Company Headquarters and the second platoon were alerted and remained in bivouac area as a reserve platoon. The first and third platoons to move forward through the defensive position of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, who were dug in, until contact was made with enemy.

The objective being to determine how far the enemy lines were.   Captain FROEMKE was killed moving across an open field to aid a wounded man. Lt. DEAS assumed command of the company. The battle became more furious on north side of tracks, with infantry and engineers, fighting in same line, pushing forward towards town. Terrific fighting continued on both sides of tracks through the remainder of day and night.

Casualties were: One Officer and one EM "Killed in Action", one Officer and ten EM "Wounded in Action".