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101st Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipients

  Lt Col Robert G Cole
Pfc Joe E. Mann

Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Leslie R Baker
Sgt David L Beard
Pfc John P Bieber
Pfc Ancell F Blair
Pfc Early A Brown

327th Glider Infantry Regiment Crest

(above picture)
327th GIR Crest

The 327th Glider Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor A - B

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Abraham Lester L Pfc Co A Holland 9/22/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  MAR
Acquisto Peter A Pfc Holland 9/28/44 BS MAR
Adams Willis E Sgt Co C Belgium 1/45 USA/IL
Alamovich Frank Pfc Co A Belgium 12/44 USA/PA
Alberico Ernest Pfc RHQ Holland 9/22/44 USA/NY
Alhadeff David P Pfc Co G Normandy 6/11/44 DOW NOR
Alle Ivan S Pvt RHQ Belgium 1/4/45 DOW LUX
Allen Robert K S/Sgt Co E Belgium 12/23/44 BS LUX
Allison Leighton O Pvt Co C Normandy 6/44 USA/OH
Alvarez Antonio R S/Sgt Belgium 12/44 USA/CA
Amburgey John J Pfc Co F Normandy 6/44 USA/KY
Anderson Luke S Pfc Co B Belgium 12/20/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures   USA/TN
Atherton James A Pfc Co F Holland 10/7/44 USA/IL
Bacco Donald E Pvt Co E Holland 9/19/44 USA/MI
Baker Harold A Pfc Co G Belgium 1/13/45   Photo on Trooper Pictures [401] H-C
Baker Leslie R Pfc Co B Normandy 6/20/44 SS/BS NOR WOM
Baker Louis E Pvt Holland 10/9/44 USA/NC
Barrett Henry J Sgt Co B Belgium 12/44 USA/KS
Bassetti Alphonso P Pfc Co A Germany 4/45 USA/IL
Bates Forrest H Pfc Co C Holland 10/6/44 USA/IN
Beck Edgar G Pfc Normandy 6/23/44 NOR
Bedford Edward N Pvt Hq Holland 9/25/44 USA/CA
Bella Renzo C Pfc Co E Holland 10/18/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures   USA/MA
Bertella Dominick P Pfc Co A Belgium 1/4/45 USA/AL
Bischoff Robert G Pvt Co B/E Holland 9/20/44 USA/NY
Blackwell Harold W Pfc Co A Belgium 12/26/44 USA/KY
Blake Woodrow Pfc Belgium 12/44 USA/WV
Bliss Harry W Pfc Co F Belgium 12/25/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures BS(OLC) LUX
Blondin Leon J Pfc Holland 10/7/44 USA/MA
Bobek Henry W Pfc Co A Holland 9/19/44 USA/IL
Bobic Walter C Pfc Co A Normandy 6/44 USA/NY
Boettcher Robert O Pfc Hq 1 Belgium 1/14/45 LUX
Bonner George W T/Sgt Co G Belgium 12/23/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  DOW H-C
Booth Linwood E Pvt Belgium 12/44 DOW USA/VA
Borovkoff Walter J Pfc Holland 10/44 USA/CA
Bovenschen Willis J Pfc Co C Belgium 12/44 USA/IN
Bragg Walter J Pfc Co E Belgium 12/44 DOW USA/WV
Brandon James B Pfc Holland 10/7/44 USA/WA
Brazier Charles B Pfc Holland 9/19/44 ARD
Brechko John Sgt Co C Belgium 12/24/44 BS/PH(OLC) ARD WOM
Brickell Ernest B Pvt Co C Normandy 6/12/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures USA/PA
Brown Early A Pfc Co A Normandy 6/11/44 SS [401} NOR
Brunner Emanuel S/Sgt Co C Holland 9/20/44   Photo on Trooper Pictures  DOW USA/MI
Bullian Albert W Pvt Co G Alsace 2/6/45 EP
Burdiss Cornelius F Pfc RHQ Holland 10/28/44 BS/PH(OLC) MAR
Burke John J Pfc Hq 1 Belgium 12/27/44 USA/PA
Burns Clifton W Pfc Normandy 6/27/44 NOR
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