"Courage is the first of all human qualities because
""""it is the quality that guarantees all the others. "

................................................... ...Sir Winston Churchill
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505th PIR Pocket Patch

The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roster  Company - I (Partial) - 3rd Battalion

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank ASN No. Pltn Status Medals Comment

Adams Frank 15101789
Adams Kenneth D 31318672
Adamski Ted 15114287
Almedia Richard L 14040734
Andre Charles E Pvt 33236121 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Normandy
Asbra Clatus C 2/Lt 0-1313551
Augustine Ervin P 36884393
Baltzly Milton F 15076879
Banach Walter E 31039330
Barrow William D 20104518
Bartsch Arnold W 37177092
Basarich Issac Pfc 17050801 DOW PH Belgium
Bass Herbert 36311579
Beaver James E 17045599
Birch Harvey S 39235665
Black Samuel J Pvt 33798858 KIA PH Belgium
Blake Harry C 35295566
Blankenbaker John E 33442508
Blankenship Norell M 35745218
Boehm Robert A 17153086
Boehmke Warren F 36734224 trans frm 509 PIR
Boen Robert A 17153086
Boever James E
Boothe Roy E 33543371     
Boris Edward T 42018436     
Brady Leon M 34057222     
Brammer John L 37501978     
Brannon Ellis B 15090631     
Brennan Joseph H 1/Lt 0-1398747 DOW PH Belgium (1962)
Brewer Howard O 20453678     
Brooks Walker S Jr Sgt 34008333     
Brown James W Pfc 35638846 KIA PH Belgium
Brunsman William J 2/Lt 0-1312747
Buffone Harry J Sgt 35027386 SS(OLC) PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Bullard Ralph G 34056864
Burroughs Ralph K Pfc 20360928    Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Candelaria Arthur R 39045437     
Cannon Reginald C 14018288     
Caples Wilbur Y 16054683     
Carbaugh Howard E 19082132     
Carlson Henning A 39082816     
Carter Carl E 37612847     
Carter Winston O 1/Lt 0-393711     
Caruso Michael F 32382959     
Castell James E 7601196     
Cavallaro Nick A Pvt 15114204 KIA PH    Belgium
Celnar Philip J 15076894     
Chapa Hector M 38675761     
Charpell Harold R 39236328     
Chason James V 34023768     
Chesley William C 1/Lt 0-1289045     
Chowaniec Matthew G 32253248     
Christian Charles R 2/Lt 0-1302112     
Christman Willard M 15076866     
Churchill Allan S 17049990     
Clark George E Jr 1/Lt 0-1296170 SS   Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Clark Jesse D 38052637     
Clark Otis L Jr Pfc 20361719    Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Costenbader Charles E 33171412
Cowen Robert L 32949057
Cranston Clair F 37522316
Criniti Anthony F 33051770 also in Co G
Crump Otto V Jr 36368907
Crusenberry James B 34179406  
Culverhouse William H 34914464  
Curley William A 12060151  
Cutler Richard W Pfc 15101860 KIA BS(OLC) PH Belgium
Czubernat Stanley J 32666199  
Dahl Robert D 17050145  
Daniels Jack 14079461  
Estrada Leon P 15068989
Fallica Phillip J 20029618
Farrington James B Pvt 34398522 DOW PH Normandy
Federico Frank G 39142328
Fedora Michael P 17049706
Flint William D 32228022
Flintoff Harold R Jr 14157201
Follmer Willard R 1/Lt 0-416081
Force Dennis R 39213445
Fordham Charlie E 34687397
Frander Robert Sgt 13129191
Freeman Joe C 5076867
Frymire John R 36713365
Funderburg Allen L S/Sgt 18124743
Gaillard William S 1/Lt 0-390528 KIA PH  Photo on Trooper Pictures Normandy
Galloway Robert E 6571649 also in 3 Hq
Gamel William C 18194548
Mc Bride Joseph 11048467
Mc Carter Jack V 39173914
Webster Carl N 12071928
Weir William D 38665079
Welsh Norman F 32254918
Whalen James L 13120436
Whalen William W 13090882
White Christopher 11050440
Williams Richard L 39682316
Williams Robert J 35111857
Williams Arthur C Jr 34232673
Willis Melvin E Sgt 15101856  Photo on Trooper Pictures 
Wilson Clyde 35637232
Wingfield Jack C 15181857
Worlow Arthur A 37392804
Yeager James W 20416222
Zoromski Victor P Sgt 2nd Plt  Photo on Trooper Pictures 

BS   -  Bronze Star KODY - Killed on Duty PLTN - Platoon
CAPT - Captain LT COL -  Lieutenant Colonel POW  -  Prisoner of War
COL - Colonel 1/LT - First Lieutenant SGT - Sergeant
DODY - Died on Duty 2/LT- Second Lieutenant S/SGT - Staff Sergeant
DOI - Died of Injuries MAJ -  Major 1/SGT - First Sergeant
DOW - Died of Wounds MIA - Missing in Action SS - Silver Star
DSC - Distinguished Service Cross MOH - Medal of Honor T/SGT - Technician Sergeant
JWO - Junior Warrant Officer PFC -  Private First Class T/4 - Technician 4th Class
KIA - Killed in Action PH - Purple Heart T/5 - Technician 5th Class

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