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17th Airborne Division Patch

(above insignia)
17th Airborne Division
After D-Day the 507th PIR was permanently assigned as a unit of this Division.

507th PIR WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

Pvt George J Peters

Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Justin Kizis
S/Sgt Howard M Kriebel
Pvt Edward J Lehman
Sgt Harry W Murray
Pvt Charles W Penchard
S/Sgt Clifton W Rivers
Pvt Roy J Spencer
Pfc Jerry E Wiley
The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor K - Z

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Kacala Peter J Pfc Normandy 6/6/44 USA/WI
Karafotis Frank G Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Karbowniczek Casimir Pfc Normandy 6/23/44 USA/MN
Katona John Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 USA/OH
Keim Robert E Pfc * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Kelley Albert J Pvt Hq Normandy 6/15/44 USA/OH
Kelley Charles B Pvt Normandy 6/8/44 USA/NY
Kelley Bose F Jr Pfc Normandy 6/6/44 USA/LA
Kelly Michael E Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Kemm Manuel E Jr Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Kendall Fred W Cpl Normandy 6/17/44 NOR
Kennedy Millard C Pvt *
Kennedy Ray C Cpl Normandy 6/8/44 NOR
Keyes Claude B Pfc Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Keyser Glenn E Pfc Normandy 6/23/44 NOR
King Raymond E Pfc * Belgium 2/7/45 H-C
Kinney Benjamin I Cpl Normandy 6/13/44 NOR
Kirby Varsel T/5 Normandy 6/10/44 Arlington
Kirkedahl Elvin T Sgt Normandy 6/7/44 NOR
Kizis Justin Pfc * Germany 4/15/45 MAR
Kling Andrew W Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Knezo Paul Pfc * Belgium 1/29/45 DOW LUX
Kochaba Michael Jr Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 USA/PA
Koczur Henry G T/5 *
Kolandish Stephen A *
Koser Alfred R Pvt Normandy 6/13/44 USA/PA
Kovalak John J T/5 Normandy 6/7/44 USA/PA
Kriebel Howard M S/Sgt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Kroeker Arthur H Pfc Normandy 6/7/44 USA/CA
Kromko John A Sgt Normandy 6/7/44 NOR
Kuhn Karl P Cpl Normandy 6/28/44 NOR
La Chance Harry E Jr Sgt Co F Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Lamsen Charles G Sgt Co E Normandy 6/16/44 USA/WA
Lawson Roy R * DODY
Lehman Edward J Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 SS MAR
Leonard Douglas R Pvt Hq 1 Normandy 6/6/44 DOW/England CAM
Letourneau Eugene R Pfc *
Lewis Edward E T/4 *
Lipham Bryant H Pfc Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Lloyd Grady W Pfc Normandy 6/11/44 NOR
Lucas Vernon Pfc * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Maltby Thomas E Pvt *
Mansfield Clarence Pfc Normandy 6/16/44 NOR
Marcus Daniel Pvt * Belgium 1/5/45 DOW LUX
Marshall Murry G Sgt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Martin Charles A Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Martin Ira T/4 Normandy 7/4/44 USA/LA
Martinez Arnold J Pvt Normandy 6/11/44 (Graignes) NOR
Martinez Julius Pfc * Belgium 1/7/45 DOW LUX
Matson Raymond A Pvt *
Matteson Harry E Pvt *
Mc Cord Harvey A T/Sgt *
Mc Cormick James M Pvt Normandy 6/10/44 NOR
Mc Elroy William J Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Mc Entyre Adolphus M Pfc * DOW
Mc Hugh John T Sgt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Mc Kee William R Pvt Normandy 6/10/44 MIA CAM WOM
Meredith Carol P Pfc *
Miller George E S/Sgt *
Miller Harold F *
Miller Jack T/3 * Germany 6/9/45 KODY MAR
Miller Robert R Pvt Normandy 7/44 USA/PA
Milligan Joe W Pfc * Germany 3/27/45 MAR
Milligan Joe W Pfc * Germany 3/27/45 MAR
Misterkiewicz Victor F Pvt * Belgium 2/7/45 LUX
Mitchell Albert Jr Pvt Normandy 6/19/44 NOR
Mitchell Henry A Pvt *
Moore Edmund C S/Sgt *
Moore Ralph E Cpl Normandy 6/6/44 USA/GA
Morby Leland G Pvt *
Morley John F Pfc * DOW
Morgan Calvin L Pfc *
Morrison Paul Pfc * SS DOW
Mote Gail B Pfc Normandy 6/11/44 USA/TX
Moumousis Nicolas F Pvt Normandy 6/24/44 USA/MA
Munroe William A Jr Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Murray Gilbert P Pfc * France 3/22/44 KODY LOR
Murray Harry W Sgt Normandy 7/7/44 NOR
Myers Melvin Sgt Normandy 6/14/44 USA/OK
Mytko Stanley W Pfc *
Neumann Jerome P Cpl Normandy 6/6/44 USA/NJ
Newell Freeman W Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Niles Robert S Pfc Normandy 7/15/44 NOR
Nugent Harvey L Pfc *
O'Rourke James W Jr T/5 Normandy 6/7/44 MIA NOR WOM
Olinik John Pfc Normandy 6/16/44 NOR
Palmer William F Jr Pvt Normandy 6/16/44 USA/NY
Parker Chester Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 USA/IL
Parker Delmar A Jr Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Parker Stephen J Pvt *
Parr William J S/Sgt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Patterson Paul E Pvt * Normandy 6/14/44 NOR
Patton Earl S S/Sgt * Germany 3/26/45 MAR
Pawneshing Jesse J Pfc *
Peckham Charles C Sgt * Belgium 1/19/45 H-C
Penland Henry N Sgt Normandy 6/23/44 USA/NC
Perley Joseph W Pfc Normandy 6/11/44 NOR
Peters George J Pvt Co G* Germany 3/24/45 MAR MOH*
Peterson Robert L *
Petskerow John T/4 *
Pettus George F 1/Sgt Normandy 6/9/44 NOR
Philips Ivan R Pvt Normandy 6/7/44 NOR
Pillis Edward J T/4 Med Normandy 6/11/44 NOR
Pinson Harry A Pfc * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Pinnix William F Pfc Normandy 6/7/44 USA/NC
Ponder John L Pvt Co F Normandy 6/6/44 USA/ARK
Porter Jack Jr Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Porterfield Robert Pvt Co H* Germany 3/24/45
Powell Herbert L Pfc * Belgium 1/11/45 LUX
Prince George H Pfc *
Pritchard William H Pvt *
Raser Harold J Pfc * DOW
Reed Gerald C Pfc * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Reider Carson L Pfc * Belgium 1/9/45 LUX
Richardson William J *
Rivers Clifton W S/Sgt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Roberts Earl T Pfc * Germany 4/11/45 DOW MAR
Robertson Paul E Pvt Normandy 6/13/44
Robinson William H Pvt * Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Rockwell Robert R Pvt Normandy 6/11/44 (Graignes)
Rodill Benjamin F Pfc *
Rogers Vernon W Sgt *
Roode Edward A Pvt *
Roper George J * Belgium
Rosell Conway J *
Roudebush James B T/4 * Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Ruybal Cresencio Pfc * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Samuelson Otto C Cpl *
Sartor Clyde A Pvt * Belgium 1/19/45
Saumier Wilfred W Pvt *
Schallert Melvin P Pfc * SS
Scheuerman F J Sgt * DOW
Schliemann Max E Pfc * Belgium 1/17/45 H-C
Shapiro Jerome Sgt Normandy 7/5/44 NOR
Shearer Kenneth L Cpl Co I Normandy 7/9/44 NOR
Sheridan Joseph E Pfc * Belgium 1/8/45 H-C
Simek Rudolph R Cpl * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Simmons Ray I
Pfc * Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Simpson Vester E
Pfc Normandy 7/22/44 NOR
Sizemore Remine E Pfc Med* Germany 3/24/45
Smith Kennedy M Pvt * DOW
Smith Leo T/4 * Belgium 1/19/45 LUX
Smolik Joseph Pfc Normandy 6/6/44 BR
Sokol Sylvester F Pvt Normandy 6/7/44 MIA NOR WOM
Spencer Roy J
Pvt * Belgium 1/12/45 LUX
Stammer Ralph L Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Stewart William W
Cpl Normandy 7/5/44 NOR
Stirrup John B Pfc *
Stone Harry Pvt * Germany 3/25/45 MAR
Stoyle Gerald T Jr Pvt * Germany 3/28/45 MAR
Strell Fred Pfc *
Struthers Carl W Sgt * Belgium 1/12/45 SS LUX
Stuart Jim T
S/Sgt Normandy 7/7/44 NOR
Sullivan Charles W Pvt Normandy 9/2/44 DOW EP
Sullivan Lawrence W Sgt Normandy 6/24/44 NOR
Sutherland Lynuel D Pvt Co D Normandy 7/6/44 USA/ARK
Sylvester Anthony F Pfc *
Szawicki Stanley Pvt * Belgium 1/2/45 LUX
Tapscott Roger F T/5 Normandy 6/5/44 NOR
Taylor Billy Joe Pvt Normandy 6/23/44
Tenerelli Robert F Pvt *
Tennican Stanford C Pfc *
Thomas James H *
Thompson Earl W S/Sgt * DOW
Thompson Harrell E
Sgt * Belgium 1/9/45 LUX
Thompson Howard W Pfc *
Thompson Parker A Sgt *
Threet Gaines E Pfc * Germany 3/26/45
Tiffany Lyle Pfc *
Tippett William L S/Sgt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Todd William A
Cpl Normandy 6/7/44 NOR
Travers Thomas J
Pvt Normandy 6/11/44 NOR
Tullidge George B Sgt Normandy 6/8/44 CAM
Turk Matthew O Jr Pfc *
Turner Leslie A Pfc *
Tuzinsky Raymond S Pfc *
Usery Joseph C Pvt *
Valentine George E Pvt * Belgium 1/12/45 LUX
Van Derwerken John H
Pvt Normandy 6/7/44 NOR
Van Houton John F
Pfc * Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Van Sickle Jack D Pvt Normandy 6/7/44 MIA NOR WOM
Vigil Ramon B S/Sgt * Belgium 1/8/45 H-C
Villalobos Fabian G
Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Wagner William J Sgt *
Wagoner James T Pfc *
Wandachowicz Joseph
Pfc * Germany 4/8/45 MAR
Ward Charles W Sgt *
Ward Thomas F
Pvt Normandy 7/2/44 NOR
Warwick Albert L Pfc * Belgium 1/18/45 LUX
Weaver Robert M Pvt *
Werner Robert E Pvt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Werner William A Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Wesch Harley H Pvt * Belgium 2/3/45 H-C
White E C Pvt Normandy 7/4/44 DOW CAM
White James C Pvt Normandy 6/6/44
White Melvin J Pfc * Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
White Robert W Pvt * Germany 3/24/45 MAR
Whiteford Fred D Pfc Normandy 6/30/44 NOR
Wilcox Eugene D Pfc Normandy 6/30/44 NOR
Wiley Jerry E Pfc Normandy 6/15/44 NOR
Wilson Pruitt Pfc * DOW
Wilson Reino Sgt *
Wiltse Marmaduke J Pfc *
Witt William H Pvt * Belgium 1/8/45
Wojtowicz George T/5 * DODY
Wolf William R Cpl Normandy 7/4/44 USA/PA
Wolfenden George A S/Sgt * Belgium 1/8/45 LUX
Wood Frank J Pfc Normandy 6/28/44
Woodall Clarence R Pvt Normandy 7/13/44 USA/OK
Wright William K Pfc Normandy 7/13/44 USA/OK
Yansick Walter H Pvt * Belgium 1/8/45 H-C
Yarrington Carl H S/Sgt Normandy 6/6/44 NOR
Zahorsky Theodore J T/5 Normandy 6/6/44 USA/MN
Zielinski Walter Pvt Normandy 6/11/44 USA/NY
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