13th Airborne Corps

... "A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops
..... under his command make him.."

................................. ......General Douglas Mac Arthur

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11th Airborne WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

Pvt Elmer E Fryar
Pfc Manuel Perez Jr

Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) Recipients
Sgt Pat Berardi
2/Lt Mills T Lowe
S/Sgt Edward B Reed
T/Sgt Robert C Steele

Silver Star Recipients
Pfc Joe E Katona
Pfc Roy F Kelley
Pfc Claude J Ledford
S/Sgt Robert I Lemons
T/5 Robert L Lesher
Pfc Ralph J Levesque
Pvt Frank J Lewis
Sgt Robert E Long
Pfc James E Lowman
Pfc Pete Lujan
Pfc Augustine Lummio
Pvt Mike Marcos
Pvt John D Marria Jr
Pfc James M Massey
S/Sgt Lewis Maylock
Pfc Ross B McCready
Sgt Theodore J McGourty
Pfc Larry E McLean
Pfc Paul L McNees
Pfc Jesse F Miller
Cpl James L Mitchem
Pvt Robert J Moffett
Pfc Walter D O'Connor
Pfc Ninian M Olsen
S/Sgt Andy Partin
Pfc George O Pelley
Sgt Robert Pelster
S/Sgt Edward B Reed
Sgt Neal A Retherford
Pvt David H Reynawd
Pfc Ray L Samsell
Pfc Eugene V Schoener
Pfc R F Schwartzfisher
Pfc Vicbert D Sharpe
Pfc Sam Sheffield
T/5 Kenneth D Shiffert
Pfc Ned J Sibich
Sgt Edward J Siemer
S/Sgt Merle C Smith
Pfc Francis H Stevens
Pfc Gordon C Schwartz
Pfc Charles M Swiger
S/Sgt George F Taylor
Cpl John R Thistle
S/Sgt Jerry M Thomas
S/Sgt Leep Turkington
Pfc Ancel J Upton
Pvt James E Van Curen
Pfc Donald T Vanker
T/4 Walter V Wiecierzynski
Pfc Earl W Winsor
S/Sgt Max F Wolezyk
T/Sgt Louree C Yawn
Pfc Edward S Zack
S/Sgt Floyd T Zobel
The 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Roll of Honor K - Z

 LastName FirstName MI Tle Rank Unit Location Date   Status Cemetery

Keene James E Pvt Co A Leyte 12/02/44
Kennedy Robert R Pfc Co E Leyte 12/15/44
Kiczenski John J Sgt Co F Leyte 12/19/44 ML
Kircher Edward E S/Sgt Co I Luzon 2/11/45 ML
Klebl Francis J Pfc Co I Leyte 12/15/44 ML
Kracke William A Pfc Co G Luzon 5/1/45 ML
Krause Chandler J Pvt Co D Luzon 8/13/45 HN
Kuhl John M Pvt Co F Luzon 2/7/45
Kut Peter E Sgt Hq 2 Leyte 12/19/44 ML
Ladd Eugene H Sgt Hq 2 Leyte 12/15/44 ML
Lamson Charles S Pvt Co D Luzon 2/8/45 ML
Lanigan Edward G S/Sgt Co B Leyte 12/24/44 ML
Lescinski Raymond C Pvt Hq 1 Luzon 2/14/45
Lesher Robert L T/5 Med Leyte 12/7/44 SS/BS/MIA ML WOM
Levy Melvin B Pvt RHQ Leyte 12/19/44
Linnan Robert P Pfc Co H Luzon 2/5/45 ML
Liscum Fred J Sgt Hq 2 Luzon 2/6/45
Longer Jack D Cpl Co E Luzon 4/22/45 MIA ML WOM
Lummio Augustine Pvt Co B Luzon 3/13/45 SS USA/IN
Lynn Jemison B Pfc Hq 1 Leyte 12/13/44
Mair Andrew Pvt Co D Luzon 12/09/44
Marcos Mike Pvt Co C Luzon 4/27/45 SS ML
Marshall Mahlon A Pfc Co G Leyte 12/8/44 ML
Martin Richard W Pfc Co B Luzon 2/15/45 ML
Mc Eachern John H S/Sgt Co I Luzon 2/13/45 ML
Mc Geath Harold C Pvt Co D Luzon 3/13/45
Mc Graw David F Pfc Hq 2 Leyte 12/7/44 ML
Mc Kay William R Pfc Co G Luzon
Mc Lean Larry E Pfc Co D Luzon 2/10/45  Photo on Trooper Pictures SS ML
Mc Mahon Albert H Pfc RHQ Leyte 11/27/44 ML
Mc Nees Paul L Pfc Co I Leyte 12/18/44 SS/DOW USA/PA
Mc New Larry A Pfc Co C Leyte 12/16/44 ML
Mille Harlan L S/Sgt Hq 3 Leyte 12/20/44
Miller Leonard R Pvt Hq 2 Luzon 2/16/45 USA/NE
Mills Richard G Pfc Co D Leyte 12/06/44 USA/MI
Mitchem James Pvt Med Leyte 12/15/44 KODY USA/MI
Moffett Robert J Pvt Med Leyte 12/16/44 SS USA/MN
Moore Carlyle D Pvt Co A Leyte 12/23/44 USA/IN
Moore Herbert T Pvt Co B Luzon USA/MI
Moore Leo W Pfc Co F Luzon 2/10/45 ML
Morang Leonard G Pfc Co F Luzon 2/6/45
Morgan Newell D Pfc RHQ Leyte 12/12/44  Photo on Trooper Pictures  USA/IA
Moshier Howard C T/Sgt Co D Luzon 8/12/45 PH 2(OLC) ML
Motter John R Pfc Co E Luzon 4/22/45 PH (OLC) ML
Mulada John A Pfc Co B Leyte 12/17/44 USA/NY
Mullen Ralph E Pfc Co F Luzon 4/25/45 USA/MO
Munsell Robert T Pvt Co F Luzon 2/8/45 BS ML
Nelson Emanuel S T/Sgt Co A Leyte 12/16/44 USA/NY
Nelson Swan A Jr Pfc Hq 1 Luzon 3/10/45 PH (OLC) ML
Newhouse Junius L T/5 Med Luzon 2/10/45 ML
Norman Thomas G S/Sgt Co A Luzon 2/4/45 ML
O'Connor Walter D Pfc Co H Luzon 2/5/45
Odem Dale R Pvt Co G Luzon 2/6/45 ML
Olivetti Michael G S/Sgt Co C Leyte 11/27/44 ML
Otten Donald Pfc Co G Luzon 2/6/45
Outcalt James W Pfc Hq 2 Luzon 2/7/45
Padro Henry Pfc RHQ Philippines USA/NY
Patton James C Pfc Co E Luzon 4/20/45
Peale Robert Sgt Co I Luzon 4/8/45 ML
Pelley George O Pfc Co I Leyte 12/15/44 SS/DOW USA/MT
Perez Francis L Pvt Co C Leyte 11/27/44
Perez Manuel Jr Pfc Co A Luzon 3/14/45  Photo on Trooper Pictures (MOH*)
Peters Anderson M M/Sgt Co E Luzon 4/22/45
Pickens Myron D Pvt Co D Luzon 12/7/44 MIA ML WOM
Pickering Harry J Pvt Co C Leyte 11/27/44 ML
Pile Henninger 1/Sgt Co G Leyte 12/14/44 MIA ML
Pitman Kenneth M Pfc Co B Leyte 12/20/44 ML
Poling Kenneth E Pvt Hq 3 Leyte 12/15/44
Postudensek Frank V Pfc Co I Luzon 3/11/45 ML
Powell Edward J Pvt Co G Luzon 2/6/45 ML
Rathert Edward Pfc Co D Luzon 2/4/45 ML
Reaves James E Pfc Co A Luzon 2/16/45
Resnick Bennie Pvt Co F Luzon 2/8/45 USA/NY
Ressler Harold P Pfc Co E Luzon 4/22/45
Roberts J. R. Pvt Co G DOW USA/TN
Robertson Gordon E Pfc Co F Luzon 2/10/45 ML
Rogers Arthur L Pfc Hq 2 Luzon 2/16/45
Ruesch Frank Jr S/Sgt Co I Leyte 12/15/44
Scavo Sandy A Pvt Co I Luzon 3/13/45
Schmidt Walter R Pfc Hq 2 Leyte 12/19/44 ML
Seiber Erwin Pfc Co H Leyte 12/5/44
Selak Gabor Sgt Co E Luzon 4/22/45
Sennett Leo E Pfc Leyte 12/26/44 DODY ML
Shaw Everette R Pvt Co D Luzon 2/4/45
Sibich Ned J Pfc Co E Leyte 12/15/44 SS ML
Signor Joseph L Pfc Co D Luzon 8/12/45 ML
Singleton Albert M Pvt Co A Leyte 12/12/44
Sisson Ronald C Pfc Co E Leyte 12/3/44
Slaughter Lacy L Pfc Co E Luzon 4/22/45
Small Fred F Pfc Hq 1 Luzon 2/6/45 ML
Smith Chester C Pvt Co D Luzon 2/10/45
Smith Frederick Pvt 9/28/44 ML
Smith Joseph H Pvt Co F Luzon 2/5/45 ML
Smith Leroy S Pvt Co D Phillipines 8/12/45 BS USA/CT
Spangler George A Pvt Hq 2 Luzon 2/8/45 ML
St. Pierre Renie J S/Sgt Co E Leyte 12/15/44
Stalker Leonard W Pvt Co B Luzon
Stalnaker Thomas J Sr Pvt Hq 3 Luzon 2/7/45 ML
Stamm Delmar L Pfc Co C Leyte 11/27/44
Steele Robert C T/Sgt Co D Luzon 2/8/45 DSC/BS ML
Steffen Richard C Pvt Co H Luzon 3/6/45 ML
Stevens Francis H Pfc Co I Leyte 12/15/44 SS ML
Stevens Merritt J Pvt Co G Luzon 2/4/45 ML
Stewart Donald B Pfc Hq 2 Leyte 12/5/44 ML
Sutton Charles E Pfc Co C Leyte 11/27/44
Swiee Henry W Pvt Co A Luzon 2/13/45 ML
Swiger Charles M Pfc Co E Leyte 12/8/44 SS/BS ML WOM
Sznura Victor V Pfc Co E Leyte 12/8/44
Tahsler Clifford G S/Sgt Co D Luzon 2/4/45 ML
Talbot Thomas W Pfc Co D Luzon 2/8/45 ML
Taylor Lloyd A T/Sgt Co A Luzon 2/13/45
Tennison Roy E Cpl Co C Leyte 11/27/44
Terry Newton S Pfc Co C Leyte 11/27/44 ML
Thistle John B Cpl Co E Luzon 12/17/44 SS/BS ML
Thomas Jerry M S/Sgt Co H Luzon 2/19/45 SS/BS ML
Tillmann Leonard L Pfc Co D Luzon 8/12/45 ML
Traughber Rex A Pvt Co C Luzon 4/27/45 ML
Truxton Myron A Pvt Co F Leyte 12/21/44 ML
Tucker Earl Pvt Co A Luzon 12/19/44
Turkington Lee P Sgt Co E Leyte 12/18/44
Ulander Emil W Cpl Co F Leyte 12/6/44
Valentine Willie L Pvt Co H Leyte 12/23/44 MIA ML WOM
Van Curen James E Pvt Med Leyte 12/15/44 SS USA/CA
Vanden Bos Allen H Pvt Co C Luzon 4/27/45
Vanker Donald T Pfc Hq 1 Leyte 12/13/44 SS USA/MI
Verderico Priesko Sgt Hq 1 Luzon 2/14/45 ML
Verlander William W T/4 Med Luzon 2/15/45 ML
Volk Herbert Pvt Co A Luzon 3/13/45 ML
Walch Richard H Pfc Co G Luzon 9/10/45 MIA ML WOM
Walsh Michael J Pfc Med Luzon 5/25/45
Walter Anthony G Pvt Co D Luzon 2/4/45 ML
White James A Jr Pfc Co C Luzon 4/21/45
Whitehouse Jack C Pvt Co C Leyte 11/27/44 DOW USA/OH
Williams Philip D Pfc Hq 3 Luzon 2/6/45
Wilson Billie W Pvt Co F Luzon 4/19/45
Winn Theodore E Sgt Co F Luzon 4/16/45
Wismer Kenneth D Pfc Hq 3 Luzon 8/13/45 HN
Witkowski Stanley C Pvt Co E Luzon 2/8/45
Woitas William Pvt Co D Luzon 8/12/45
Wolf William E Pvt Hq 3 Luzon 8/26/45 ML
Woll William H Pfc Co G Luzon 2/6/45 ML
Workman Douglas H Pvt Co D Luzon 2/8/45
Wroblewski Henry M Pvt Co F Leyte 12/21/44
Yeager William A Pfc Hq 2 Leyte 12/7/44
Zack Edward S Pfc Med Luzon 2/7/45 SS/DOW ML
Zarr George Pfc Co D Luzon 8/12/45
Zertuche Henry A Sgt Co D Luzon 2/8/45 ML
Zimmerman Ernest R Sgt Co D Leyte 12/11/44
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