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509th Parachute Infantry Battalion Shoulder Patch
(above picture)
509th PIB Patch

509th PIB WW II
Medal of Honor Recipient

Cpl Paul B Huff

Distinguished Service Cross Recipients
Capt Carlos C Alden
Sgt Mike Baranek
Capt Roy E Baze
T/Sgt Carl R Clegg
Cpl Boggs G Collins
Pfc Leslie B Davis
Pvt Edwin C Hicks
Capt William P Moir
1/Lt Henry F Rouse
Capt Harry J Stone

Silver Star Recipients
Capt Carlos C Alden
Pvt Harold E Austin
Sgt Kelly C Bath
Pvt Hubert I Beatty
T/4 Eugene C Beckner
Pvt George Bell
Pfc Joseph R Blackwood
Pfc William R Bowers
Pfc Ralph L Burrell Jr
Cpl Elmer T Cardwell
Cpl Ray Carr
Pvt Loren E Chambers
Cpl Russell E Cook
Pvt Harry R Crane
Pvt Manley L Crumley
1/Lt Jack Darden
Sgt Francis A Dean
T/4 Theodore J Fina
Pvt Richard D Fisco
Sgt Abel N Flores
S/Sgt George G Fontanesi
T/Sgt John V Forni
Pvt Armarante C Garcia
Pvt Wesley E Gonderson
1/Lt Richard Grabow
T/Sgt Everett J Hall
Pvt Joseph Hoben
Cpl William J Holtz
Pvt Guy W Jeanes
1/Lt William G Kautz
1/Sgt William H King
Pvt Henry D Klisiewicz
Sgt Robert E League
Cpl Joseph W Lee
2/Lt Hoyt R Livingston
Pvt Joseph T Martin
S/Sgt Wilbur D Martin
Pvt Don L Maxson
1/Lt Justin T McCarthy
Sgt Walter L McCook
1/Lt Charles H McKinney
2/Lt Wayne A McMaster
T/5 Victor A Osburn
Cpl Milo P Peck
Pvt Hyman M Perlo
T/5 Alfred C Petzold
Sgt Frank Pfluger
T/Sgt Walter C Pope
Sgt John E Pumphrey
1/Lt Harry W Pritchett Jr
Cpl Travis J Russell
Pfc Charles W Robert
Capt Herbert Rose
Cpl Travis J Russell
2/Lt Robert L Sammons
1/Lt Kenneth R Shaker
Pvt Wilson Simons
T/4 James F Singleton
Cpl Frank M Speer
Sgt Gerald K Tilney
Pvt Alvin L Trumbull
T/Sgt John S Webster
T/4 Paul V Wilson
Sgt Dillard T Winkler
Capt William P Yarborough


509th PIR Assoc
The 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion
Trooper Pictures

Colonel Doyle R Yardley - Commanding Officer 509th PIB

Col Doyle R Yardley
509th PIB - POW
Commanding Officer

Sgt Maj Paul B Huff Medal of Honor Recipient

Cpl Paul B Huff
509th PIB (MOH)
Company A

Pfc Joseph R Blackwood - Demoltion Specialist - Silver Star & Bronze Star Recipient

Pfc Joseph R Blackwood
509th PIB Co A
Silver Star Recipient

1/lt Dan A DeLeo - Led El Djem Bridge Mission

1/lt Dan A DeLeo
509th PIB
Company A

Pfc Charles H Doyle Jr - Bronze Star (OLC) Recipient

Pfc Charles H Doyle Jr
509th PIB Co A
Gingerbread Man

Pvt Larry J Ducote

Pvt Larry J Ducote
509th PIB Co B
KIA 25 Aug 1944

Pvt Clyde Preston Hayes (Source: Philip Hoyle)

Pvt Clyde P Hayes
509th PIB Co B
KIA 29 Feb 1944

Pvt Philip K Nachefski

Pvt Philip K Nachefski
509th PIB Co B
KIA 20 Jan 1945

Cpl Milo P Peck - Silver Star Recipient - (Courtesy: Marianne Aleck)

Cpl Milo P Peck
509th PIB B Co
Silver Star Recipient

Pvt John E Roediger    (Source: B Jeffrie)

Pvt John E Roediger
509th PIB Co B
KIA 30 Dec 1944

Pfc George P Ruder Jr (Source: B Jeffrie)

Pfc George P Ruder Jr
509th PIB Co B
KIA 20 Jan 1945

Sgt Jack Berger - 509th PIB/508th PIR

Sgt Jack Berger
509th PIB
Company C

Cpl Boggs G Collins - 509th PIB - DSC Recipient

Cpl Boggs G Collins
509th PIB Co C
DSC Recipient

Tech 4 Roger Derringer

T/4 Roger Derringer
509th PIB
Company C

Pfc Carroll E Herndon - Comapny C (Source: Patricia Powers)

Pfc Carroll E Herndon
509th PIB Co C
KIA 28 Dec 1944

Pfc Robert L Mayle - Comapny D (Source: Josh Leasure)

Pfc Robert L Mayle
509th PIB Co D
KIA 25 Nov 1943

Pfc William Ross Bowers - Comapny E/B demolition Specialist Silver Star Recipient (Source: Pat Bowers)

Pfc William Ross Bowers
509th PIB Co E/B
Silver Star Recipient

Cpl William Price - Comapny E

Cpl William Price
509th PIB
Company E

Cpl Leo C Inglesby - Comapny F

Cpl Leo C Inglesby
509th PIB
Company F

Pfc Rex D Sexton - Comapny F (Courtesy of his nephew: Nick Sexton)

Pfc Rex D Sexton
509th PIB Co F
KIA 19 Aug 1944

Sgt Harvey S Sutherland

Sgt Harvey S Sutherland
509th PIB Co F
Bronze Star

Pvt Norman Paxton Smith - HHC 2nd Battalion - PH (OLC) 3rd Zouaves Badge

Pvt Norman P Smith
509th PIB
Hq 2 Battalion

T4 Johnny G Aleck  - (Courtesy: Marianne Aleck)

T/4 Johnny G Aleck
509th PIB
Hq Company

Pvt Allen H Bence - 509th HHC (Courtesy: )

Pvt Allen H Bence
509th PIB
Hq Company

T/5 Walter A Cherry

T/5 Walter A Cherry
509th PIB Hq Co
KIA 15 Sept 43

Pfc Ray Conklin - Bronze Star Recipient - Original 509 PIB later 82nd Airborne

Pfc Ray Conklin
509th PIB Hq Co
Bronze Star

S/Sgt Robert Bob Corey - 509th HHC (Courtesy: Ray Anhorn)

S/Sgt Robert Bob Corey
509th PIB
Hq Company

Pvt  Michael E Grimes - 2nd Battalion 509th PIB POW at Avellino Stalag 2B Hammerstein West Prussia

Pvt Michael E Grimes
509th PIB Hq Co
POW - Avellino

Pfc Ralph V Hirales

Pfc Ralph V Hirales
509th PIB Hq Co
KIA 25 Aug 1944

Pvt Don L Maxson - Silver Star Recipient  (Source: Gabe Maxson)

Pvt Don L Maxson
509th PIB Hq Co
Silver Star

T/5 Lee W Polson - medic (Source: B Jeffries)

T/5 Lee W Polson
509th PIB Hq Co
KIA 23 Aug 1944

T/5 Robert Bob Corey - 509th HHC (Courtesy: Shanna Rambi Britt)

T/5 Joseph R Rambin
509th PIB
Hq Company

Pvt James M Broadway - 2nd Battalion 509th PIB

Pvt James M Broadway
509th PIB
2nd Battalion

Sgt Joseph W Lee - Silver Star Recipient  (Source: Sean Conte)

Sgt Joseph W Lee
509th PIB 2nd Btn
Silver Star

Pfc Edward A Peterson

Pfc Edward A Peterson
509th PIB
Demolition Specialist

Pvt James S Fabri (Source: Peter Collorafi)

Pvt James S Fabri
509th PIB
Company Unknown

Cpl John P Young

Cpl John P Young
509th PIB
KIA Belgium

Capt Carlos C Alden - Battalion Surgeon - DSC/SS Recipient

Capt Carlos C Alden
509th PIB Hq Co
Surgeon - DSC/SS

Pfc Noel W Allison (Source: B Jeffries)

Pfc Noel W Allison
509th PIB
Company Unknown

Sgt Samuel G Thomas

Sgt Samuel G Thomas
509th PIB
Company Unknown

Capt  Ernest T. (Bud) Siegel

Capt Ernest T. Siegel
509th PIB Co A
Commanding Officer

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